Harm pleads with Julian to impregnate her illegally.

Like all other citizens of the White West, Julian lives in a glass apartment building and is carefully watched by the secret police, or Bureau of Algorithms. 

Julian’s best friend is Martijn, a State musician who plays his nostalgic musings at public executions.

While on an assigned Netflix binge session, Julian meets a man named Harm. Harm smokes cigarettes, drinks alcohol, and shamelessly flirts with Julian instead of applying for an impersonal sex visit; all of these are highly illegal according to the laws of the White West.

Both repelled and fascinated, Julian struggles to overcome his attraction to Harm. Harm invites him to visit the Demon Fuzz, notable for selling records that can’t be found on Spotify. Music of aesthetic and historical importance dug up from around the city is stored there. There, Harm offers him the services of a corrupt doctor named Aart to explain his absence from work. Leaving in horror, Julian vows to denounce him to the Bureau of Algorithms, but finds that he cannot.

He begins to have dreams, which disturbs him, as dreams are thought to be a symptom of a free spirit and a general hope for the future. Slowly, Harm reveals to Julian that she is involved with the Video Store, an organization plotting to bring down The White West. She takes him through secret tunnels inside the Demon Fuzz to the world outside The Great Firewall, which surrounds the city-state. There, Julian meets the inhabitants of the outside world: humans whose bodies are covered with non-brand, non-marketed clothing. The aims of the Video Store are to destroy The Great Firewall and reunite the citizens of the White West with the outside world.

Despite the recent rift between them, Harm pleads with Julian to impregnate her illegally. After Harm insists that she will obey the law by turning over their child to be raised by the White West, Julian obliges. However, as her pregnancy progresses, Harm realizes that she cannot bear to be parted from her baby under any circumstances. At Julians request, Martijn arranges for Harm to be smuggled outside The Great Firewall.

In his last journal entry, Julian indifferently relates that he has been forcibly tied to a billboard and subjected to the “Great_Tidy_Photoshop.PNG”, which has recently been mandated for all citizens of the White West in order to prevent possible riots; having been psycho-surgically refashioned into a state of mechanical “reliability”, they would now function as “clickbots in human form”. This operation removes the imagination and emotions and abillity to count bars while drumming by targeting parts of the brain with 5G-rays. After this operation, Julian willingly informed the Marketing Department of Streaming Services about the inner workings of the Video Store. However, Julian expresses surprise that even torture could not induce Harm to denounce her bandmates. Despite her refusal, Harm and those arrested with her have been sentenced to death, “under the Marketing Department of Streaming Services’ Branding Campaign”.

Meanwhile, the Video Store uprising gathers strength; parts of The Great Firewall have been destroyed, birds are repopulating the city, and people start committing acts of social rebellion. Julian expresses hope that the Marketing Department of Streaming Services shall restore “reason”, the setlist ends with the White West’s survival in doubt. Jeroen’s mantra is that, just as there is no highest number, there can be no final revolution.